viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Reindeers with animations

2 reindeers to decorate your winter and christmas land.
They have moving ears and an option to open/close their eyes. (touch head to change it).
One of them includes 4 custom animations (2 poses and 2 animations).

Scripted with Perfect multisitter- Zero lag (and very, VERY LOW when somebody is sitting). Remembers the favorite pose of the 100 most frequent users (multipose setups).
Avatars can easily adjust position and rotation while sitting: it will remember the custom settings of the 50 most frequent users who did it! For each pose! Perfect for any shape.

17 prims each reindeer.

Copy/mod, to allow you to change prims or change textures, size, etc. (Scripts and animations are no mod).

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